I have a lifelong love and passion for dogs that has never wavered. They are not just our best friend but are as close as family and as such I believe they deserve the very best. That's why I treat every dog as if it were my own.

At Mrs Cooke's we recognise how dog grooming is not luxury but a necessity for your dog's health and wellbeing. At Mrs Cooke's my mission is to groom each and every dog with love and care in a brand new state of the art mobile grooming salon that comes to your doorstep at your convenience meaning you never have to leave home. There are no stressful car journeys and your dog receives a total one to one personal service from start to finish.

Unlike other mobile grooming salons, at Mrs Cooke's we go anywhere with our completely self-sufficient vehicle meaning you don't have to worry if you live in a block of flats or whether there is sufficient parking space outside your address. 

Hi, I'm Barbara

I am a fully trained Dog Groomer and the proud owner and founder of Mrs Cooke's Mobile Dog Grooming

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Fully trained, equipped and insured, Mrs Cooke's brings real service to your doorstep, making a real difference to your dogs day!